1. shandastaxxx answered: Final projects are much more conducive to retention, I believe
  2. foreignistic answered: I know you aren’t looking for a students perspective, but i’ve experienced having both, and i prefer projects
  3. carrieanns09 said: Either….They will have to be able to do final projects and take final exams in college. You are helping prepare them for the future!
  4. carrieanns09 answered: This is coming from a college student/ education major:
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    Not sure schools need finals week at all. A culminating assessment, fine, but tests on a year’s worth of material...
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    I’m in the midst of “Finals Week” right now, so I thought it appropriate to give my two cents. Of course, my two cents...
  7. sentimentallyours answered: your ideas=my high school. finals were scheduled for a day and time, you showed up, took your final, went home. went over gangbusters.
  8. grayer answered: I think they are a little antiquated. These days students should be doing a body of work throughout the course.
  9. teachinginthemiddle answered: We had HS finals week. Each final was slotted for 3 hrs. It was a good way to get ‘em done.
  10. shannonohbannon answered: I love this idea!
  11. gotchosen answered: - GotScholarship: $40K to Give Away
  12. wwwltd-454 answered: Finals week,Yes. Believe in projects.More of a challenge 4 the up & coming.Thanks:)
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    Holy balls, I hate our finals week. They screw up the schedule so there are 70 minute blocks instead of 50, but I don’t...
  14. christinamused said: Sure. I don’t see the harm in rearranging to have blocks of time for final presentations or assessments.
  15. heart-breakin answered: Got an answer for revolutionizeed?
  16. adversoleso answered: No way. I do not believe in “final” tests or projects. What’s the point then of what they have been doing for the rest of the year?
  17. tomes-away answered: I alternate between projects and essay tests: this year the final is a sonnet recitation (delivered in the style the kids choose).
  18. tomes-away said: We have a finals week in that the last three days of school are shifted to accommodate two or three exams a day, plus lunches. We used to get out early on exam days (sigh for the good ol’ days), but don’t any longer due to budget cuts.
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